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My Pet Essay - Essay on My Pet/My Pet Animal/My Pet Cat in English

The cat is a small pet animal. It resembles the tiger. It has four short legs and a beautiful furry tail. Its body is covered with soft and silky hairs. Its claws and teeth are sharp. It walks or runs without making any noise. It has bright and greyish eyes. It can see even in the darkness. The cat is found all over the world.

The cat is fond of fish and milk. It likes comfort. It is generally meek and gentle. People keep cats in the house for scaring the mice. When hungry, it mews softly. It likes to rest in warm places, sometimes on carpets or near the oven in the kitchen.

The dishonest cats steal food from the kitchen. The cat kills rats or snakes. Pussy cats are pets of children in the house. The cat is a small, playful creature, but sometimes it behaves ferociously, when angry. Wild cats are found in the woods. They are different in character from the domestic cats.

Word Meanings :
  • Ferociously : Extreme or Intense
  • Resembles : To be like or similar to.
  • Claws : A sharp, usually curved, nail on the foot of an animal, as on a cat.
  • Comfort : A feeling of relief.